Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform – Hello World

Step 1

Download Visual Studio Community 2015 and install it onto your computer, if it’s already downloaded and installed select Launch to start Visual Studio Community 2015 or if it has already been downloaded and installed then start the application you may also need to Enable your device for development.


Step 2

Once Visual Studio Community 2015 has started select File, then New, then Project… from the Menu.


Step 3

From the New Project window select Visual C# from Installed, Templates then select Blank App (Windows Universal) from the list, then type in a Name and select a Location to save to before selecting Ok to create the Project.


Step 4

Once the Project is created from the Solution Explorer select MainPage.xaml


Step 5

Select from the Menu, View then Designer


Step 6

Then from the Common XAML Controls in the Toolbox double-click or double-tap the Button control to add to the Design View.


Step 7

After the Button has been added to the Design View go to the Properties view and set the Content to Display and HorizontalAlignment to Center and VerticalAlignment to Center


Step 8
While still in the Properties view select Events and then set Click to Button_Click then either double-click on the text or press Enter once the value is typed in


Step 9

Once done the Code View should be displayed and inside private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { … } the following should be entered:

await new Windows.UI.Popups.MessageDialog("Hello World").ShowAsync();

While still in the Code View in between private and void enter the following:


It should then appear as such:


Step 10

That completes the Windows Universal Application so Save the Project then select the Debug and Simulator option to run the Application


Step 11

Once the Simulator has started the Application should then appear


Step 12

After it has started running click or tap the Display button to show the message Hello World


Step 13

To Exit the application select Stop Debugging in Visual Studio Community 2015


Step 14

Another option is to run as a Windows Phone application, select Debug and select Emulator WVGA 4 inch 512MB option to run the Application


Step 15

Once the Emulator has started the Application should then appear


Step 16

After it has started running click or tap the Display button to show the message Hello World


Step 17

To Exit the application select Stop Debugging in Visual Studio Community 2015


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11 thoughts on “Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform – Hello World

  1. Thanks for your tutorials, I’m a java developer and it was really easy to understand what I was doing and I was able to make the app without any additional research

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, am glad to be of help, these tutorials actually helped me understand some things a little better when doing them and had been using C# for some time, glad as a Java developer they were useful to you!


  2. Hi I managed to find a bit of time to sit down and start to go though your tutorials. I work with children as a volunteer in the Code Club project. While MIS Scratch is a great place for them to develop there coding skills. I think I could use these tutorials as a way to at least introduce the professional coding world, as a next step. Good work thank you.


    • Great to have feedback like this, it’s very much appreciated – hopefully Code Club attendees will find these useful, let me know how they get on!


  3. Really amazing tutorials you have here. I’ve had this page bookmarked for the past few weeks and just recently got the time to sit down and work through them. Even though I’m an experienced C# developer, your work has really brought out some of the more specific details about UWP. Love the persistent graphics that are presented along with the tutorials, ensures that I haven’t made any stupid mistakes.


    • Glad to see you’ve had a chance to go through the tutorials, appreciate the comment and good to see they are easy to follow and understand – learned a lot from doing them and good to see others doing the same!


  4. I’m an iOS and Android developer, and will soon begin development of UWP applications. These tutorials are very well-written, and are a treasure-trove of information. Thank you!


  5. I downloaded and installed VS Community 2015. But when I get to step 3 there is no Blank App (Windows Universal) ? The list in the New Projects window starts with Windows Forms Application? Where did I go wrong?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Might have missed the option during installation, if you do the installer again, it should do “Repair” and check that the Windows 10 Tools / SDK is selected, that might be what’s been missed, not sure if it is enabled by default but that will give you the option indicated

      Liked by 1 person

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